FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I checkout?

Up, in the right corner of your screen, checkout by clicking on the image of a shopping cart, next to Items.

What if my shopping cart will not add or delete items from my shopping cart?

If your shopping cart will not add or delete items, perform one or more of the following:

  1. Refresh your browser and try your shopping cart again. 
  2. Completely close the LockaMeDesigns.com website and revisit LockaMeDesigns.com by opening a new window.
  3. Check your cached cookies and delete files associated with LockaMeDesigns.com shopping cart. Refresh your browser and try your shopping cart again.  If you don’t know how to clear cookies please follow these instructions:
  • In most computer-based web browsers, to open menus used to clear your cache, cookies, and history, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac). If this doesn't work, follow the appropriate instructions below.
  • If you don't see instructions below for your specific version or browser, search your browser's Help menu for "clear cache". If you're unsure what browser version you're using, from the Help menu or your browser's menu, select About [browser name]. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, if you don't see the menu bar, press Alt.

 After completion, try your shopping cart again.

How can I change or cancel my LockaMeDesigns.com order after it has been submitted?

You have just placed your order and have received your order confirmation email.  If you need to make any changes to your order, within 30 minutes from the time you place your order, you can change or cancel your order by emailing LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or calling 818-310-8002. Please include your order number when emailing or have your order number available when calling.

 Haven't received your entire order?

If you haven’t received your whole order, please email LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or call 818-310-8002. Please have your order number available.

 How can I track my order?

You can track your order by going online to the shipping carrier’s website provided and inputting the tracking number that was given to you after you placed your order.

 What if I received my order damaged?

LockaMe Designs apologize for any merchandise you received damaged. We reserve a high standard of quality and kindly will exchange the damaged product with a replacement for the same item or provide a full refund. Please email LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or call 818-310-8002 and have your order available.

 What are my payment options to place an order?

Your payment options are by Credit Card, LockaMeDesigns.com gift-card or a LockaMeDesigns.com coupon.  

 Why was my order delayed (late) or cancelled?

Your order maybe delayed or cancelled if either of these conditions applies to your order:

* The address and telephone number you provided for your credit card account does not match what your bank has on file.

* You are shipping your order to an address other than your billing address.

You may be contacted by LockaMe Designs’ Customer Service for additional verification. If they are unable to reach you, your order may be cancelled.

 Why is there a charge on my card if my order was cancelled?

After LockaMe Designs issues you a refund, the exact amount of time until funds are cleared is determined by your bank or credit card company, so the time in which the funds are available in your account, may vary. Please contact your banking institution.

 When will I receive my order confirmation?

After placing an order on LockaMeDesigns.com, you will receive an email confirmation that your order was placed.  This confirmation includes:

Order number

Item(s) ordered



Price of each item

Shipping address

Billing address

Payment information

Please print and/or save this confirmation. It can be used for future reference to check the status of your order.

If you do not receive an order confirmation from LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com, within an hour, check your spam folder. Add LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com for timely communication.  

 How long does it take to receive my purchase?

It takes about 10 days to receive your purchase. This time includes handling and shipping.

 Why should I create a Login account?

Sign-up with LockaMe Designs for easier check –out when you visit LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com again. You’ll also be subscribed to our newsletter that will inform you of new product additions, special sales and discounts.

 How secure is your website?

LockaMeDesigns.com is protected by SS/L encryption.  SS/L (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.  Your information is protected and safe with LockaMeDesigns.com.  Happy Shopping!

 Can I design a garment by submitting my own artwork or logo?

Yes, you can submit your design request by sending email to LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com with your name, number, design file and a brief description of your project.

 I have a design idea, will LockaMe Designs create it for me?

Yes, LockaMe Designs will create your design idea with the agreement that LockaMe Designs does your construction work.  LockaMe Designs does not sell patterns singularly. A finished product or design sample is a requirement of bringing your design idea to reality. Not to worry though, collectively, LockaMe Designs still offers quality work at competitive industry prices. Send your request to LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or call 818-310-8002.

 Do you charge for design consultations?

No, LockaMe Designs does not charge for design consultations.  You may request a design consultation by emailing LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or calling 818-310-8002.

How is my custom design price determined?

LockaMe Designs figures your custom design cost based primarily by determination of the following items:

  1. The complexity of your design
  2. Total number of pattern pieces needed for construction
  3. The fabric selection
  4. The quantity in your order – (order larger quantities will maximize your savings.This rule applies to wholesale designs and garments of the same design style and color)
  5. Shipping Location
  6. Delivery time

Ready to get a quote, you can submit your design request by sending email to LockaMeDesigns@gmail.com or call 818-310-8002 with your name, number, design idea, the product that you’re interested in and a brief description of your project. We’re ready to get started!

Can I get a pre - design, design sample before I place an order?

Yes, LockaMe Designs does provide pre - design, design samples for a small fee. Pre - design, design samples are not recommended as a wearable garment.  It is a physical vision of what your design sample will look like.

What if my custom order has multiple shipping addresses?

That’s fine, let us know by indicating the ship to addresses, product and quantities in the “Special Instructions” box on the product page. You can also call us within the first 30 minutes of placing your order with the ship to addresses.  Shipping charges will apply. You will be invoiced the cost prior to shipping to each location.  A representative from LockaMe Designs will contact you.