Living The Dream

LockaMe Designs is a fashion-forward, seasoned apparel company that represents fashion's forefront. 

We offer eccentric, yet practical clothing and customization services representing the demands of the evolving fashion spectrum.  We regularly create unique designs that you can choose from, or we can develop patterns and garments from your creative mind, work from design sketches, photographs or rub-offs.  

LockaMe Designs is for you, the entertainment industry's most prominent trailblazers, partaking in numerous red carpet occasions, wardrobe sessions, ceremonies and whenever fashion sense is necessary.

Partnering with LockaMe Designs offers customers a new style of business endeavors. In addition to offering flavorful clothing designs in pursuit of individuality, LockaMe Designs remains vigilant to today's need for classic designs that will carry their clients from the boardroom to the dining room. 

LockaMe Designs encompasses business with expertise in e-commerce marketing strategies, accounting/ bookkeeping, web design, business development, consulting and telecommuting.

At LockaMe Designs, we strive only for excellence, and because of that, our company is built to last.

"Dwell in fine quality clothing and craftsmanship"

 Dress of our ethnicity, with all colors imaginable.